Ben Sheets Eliminates Need for Bullpen, Elbow Tendon

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The Milwaukee Brewers toppled the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-1 behind possibly the worst complete game 1-run performance in pitching history. Ben Sheets allowed 11 hits to the Bucs, including at least one each for all 9 starters, and was taxed for 123 pitches. Not very good for a pitcher coming off a triceps injury. This is the second complete game the oft-injured Sheets has thrown this year and I suppose manager Ned Yost has little confidence in his bullpen nowadays. After losing pitchers David Riske, Yovani Gallardo, Randy Choate, and Chris Capuano to injury this year, who could blame him? Hey, but what ever happened to closer Eric Gagne?

Until further notice, Milwaukee Brewers closer Eric Gagne has been shut down. Although that further notice could be as soon as today or as late as this weekend or maybe next week depending on how Gagne's stiff right shoulder feels today and what route team trainers and Dr. William Raasch decide is best. Gagne left the team Wednesday night to see Raasch today, but that wasn't decided until reporters were already out of the clubhouse and nearing time for the first pitch.

Oh boy. It's things like this that get a manager fired. So, Brewers blogger Anthony Witrado, who is going to take over the closer role now?

The Brewers will again go to a closer-by-committee situation, although Salomon Torres will get most of the chances, manager Ned Yost said.

Whee! WoW favorite Salomon Torres to the rescue!

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Sheets didn't walk a batter though and that was huge. Besides it was a scattered 11 hits. Right?

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