Best Musical Tribute To Jason Bay I've Ever Seen

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I'm going to let the music do the talking here. It's a tribute to the Pirates' pretty decent outfielder Jason Bay. It's sung in an angelic falsetto and set to the melody of The Beatles' classic, "Yesterday." Make sure you're sitting down for this one.

Our producer/composer/singer is a talented young baseball lover named Julia Tucker. Shine on, you crazy diamond. If you're up for it, I've posted several other of her "reinterpretations" after the jump.
Derek Jeter's Hit

Justin Verlander Song

Brian Roberts Song

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I thought for a second that this girl might actually be a Pirates fan, then I realized she sings about players from all different teams, so that kind of shot down my theory that this was, you know, a Pittsburgh thing.

B-Rob: "He's one of the best players on the Orioles." A singing endorsement, sung.

Best Musical Tribute To Jason Bay I've Ever Seen

I guess you missed the Broadway musicals "Jason Bay in the Park with George" or "A Funny Thing Happened to Jason Bay at the Forum"

The Jeter tune is Ozzie Guillen's ringtone.

Wasn't 'South Pacific' about Jason Bay? I mean, what else could "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair" be about?

Goddamit. I ignored doctor's order and was standing for this. My next post will be from my hospital room.

Gimme a team with Bay.....
Long, beautiful Bay....
Shinin', gleamin'
Streamin', flaxen waxen

Here Bay is, there Bay is
Everwhere daddy daddy BAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!

You'll'll'll want to see it again and again...tonight at Yankee Stadium, the hit George Steinbrenner production...


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