Bob Uecker Does The Tonight Show - 1985

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In what has become a great Friday afternoon tradition at Walkoff Walk, I bring you this bit of classic television featuring Johnny Carson interviewing Bob Uecker. Let us pause for a moment and ponder exactly how Mr. Uecker, who played for just six seasons and batted .200, was ever considered a major television star. (Insert introspective pause here). Okay, well believe it or not, Bob Uecker spent five seasons playing the wacky dad in the TV show Mr. Belvedere, which was a mockumentary about a Polish vodka entrepreneur. He also made 64 (!) guest appearances on The Tonight Show, more than Joan Embery and Charles Nelson Reilly combined. Please to enjoy:

(via the Classic Television Showbiz blog)

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Bonus classic TV!

I'm surprised he's so open about doing lines on the set of a family show like that. Freakin' druggie.

I forgot how much I miss Johnny Carson. A lot. Thanks.

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