Carlos Gomez Cycles; Puts Own Card In Spokes

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old bike.jpgWalkoff Walk slow clap is in order for Mr. Carlos A. Gomez of the Minnesota Twins. Gomez hit for the cycle last evening and our friends over at Twinkie Town have compiled all relevant facts about cycles and the Twins.

Do you know who the last Twin to hit for the cycle against the White Sox was? They do. None other than Hall Of Famer* Lyman Bostock!

So hat's off to Carlos Gomez. Feel free to pay tribute to him in the comments with a Youtube video containing someone crashing on some sort of cycle. Whee!

*Lyman Bostock is not in the Hall Of Fame

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Please tell me the post-ironic Garfield meme is nearing its timely death.

Also: tricycle montage.

I salute the accomplishments of all former Mets prospects who are succeeding elsewhere.

Kudos, Jason Isringhausen! Good work, Brian Bannister. Nice to see you off the DL, Mr. Kazmir!

As someone who was rocking the pomo garfield humor before it even hit the web, I'll still be here talking about just how much that cat loves lasagna long after it's passe.


Not to mention Guerra, Mulvy and Humber (the other three guys we got in the Santana trade) are pitching decent on their respective minor league teams. At least 2 of the 3 will make a decent impact in the Majors at some point in their career. The Twins got some heat for the trade but I think they did alright. I was/am a huge Santana fan but I like what they got. Also, not having to pay Santana 150 mil opened up some space room in the payroll to extend Morneau, Cuddyer and Nathan.

Gomez was part of the Santana package, right?

Also, I think you should have a Spanish version of this post for your bilingual readers.

...thanks for answering my question, bc twins fan, even if you didn't realize you were doing it!

Carlos Gomez rides the cycle because he cannot get a drivers license, si?

Since when did not having a license stop anyone from driving? Just stick to alleys and you'll be fine, 'Los.

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