College Baseball Cram Session

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omaha.jpgAs you may have noticed, because I mention it about 5 times a week, I went to a university with a large athletic program. While most of my hipster friends here in Boston went to tiny liberal arts schools in the mountains named after famous bisexuals with enrollments of 65 students, I went to football, basketball and baseball games with thousands of my classmates. Baseball games were my favorite. We had a beautiful park and a good team. Well a great regular season team that consistently chokes come tournament time.

The college baseball postseason is most similar to the college basketball postseason. Major conferences have their tournaments than 64 teams are selected to play rounds of double elimination baseball. The first round is called "Regionals" and consists of mini round robins at 16 locations. The 16 surviving teams advance to "Super Regionals" and then the final 8 advane to the College World Series in Omaha.

It's conference tourney time, and I'll be checking in all weekend to get the lowdown. These tourneys were a true harbinger of Summer down south, and if you're interested in watching I've collected some previews for you:

Who ya got?

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I'll take GaTech. Let's go Nomar!

Teixera and Varitek are stupid Techies too.

I went to a school that was consistently good only in in baseball and softball. I've probably been to over a thousand college baseball games and the level of play, the epic tailgating and the unholy level of verbal abuse creative fans can lay on opposing players (who can hear almost all of it, since a huge college baseball crowd is only 5,000 or so) make it a great sport. The postseason rocks.

So Tex and 'Tek went to Tech?


OVER 1,000 college baseball games??!?!!?!

That is 50 games per year, for 20 years. Forreally real?

College baseball on here? Well, I suppose that makes this an appropriate place for ESS EE SEE SP33DZ0RZ!!!!

But my boys fucked up and dropped 2 out of 3 to a terrible Mississippi State team so they didn't even qualify for the SEC tournament - yet, are still projected to make the NCAA field.

I'll pick Rice to win it all because they are always good and are a staple of my diet.

I'll pick whatever college you guys think I should pick. I can't lie; ML baseball is my favorite sport but I never got into the college game.

This would be a fascinating and useful post.... if I gave the slightest whit about college baseball.



Well of course. You live here in the New England where the schools suck at baseball so they make up for it in footba... basketba... snow.


For reals! I started as a young chap, probably around 12. Saw more than 50 games a year until I was about 30, when I moved to Oregon. Don't audit me, though...

And for the uninitiated: this is a sport that doesn't play all that well on t.v., at least until the CWS. In person, it's an awesome sport to watch and the atmosphere inside and outside the stadiums is fantastic. If there is a major conference tournament near you, I highly recommend checking it out. You'll be shocked at how many people offer you food and beer.

Next year's ACC tournament is going to be held at Fenway which sounds exceptional. I may not still be in Boston, but I'll fly back for that.

FACT: Fenway SUCKS compared to the ALMIGHTY Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville!!!

FACT: 2009 ACC Baseball Tournament will SUCK!!!

FACT: the ACC will return to Jacksonville in 2010 with it's head hanging in SHAME!!!

FACT: I'm drunk!!

beware of the mighty wufpack....

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