Corey Patterson Watch: Jay Bruce to Replace Corey?

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Superstar Red prospect Jay Bruce will get the call-up today to the big club in Cincinnati for their evening contest against the Pirates. Bruce is a center fielder extraordinaire, having gotten on base at a .399 clip and having slugged a robust .625 at triple-A Louisville. Kid is fast, too, and will continue to learn to field his position well in the majors.

Alas, this spells the end of the road for Walkoff Walk hero Corey Patterson, who, according to my Reds beat reporter boyfriend John Fay, will most likely be the odd man out on the Reds roster. After going 0-for-8 in Sunday's 18-inning loss to the Padres, he's batting .201 and his speed is going to waste, having only reached first base via single or walk just 24 times. Sure, he had a decent isolated power rate with 8 doubles and 4 tater tots, but he was simply not a leadoff hitter.

Dusty Baker's Reds are in last place and sit seven full games behind the Cubs in a surprisingly competent National League Central. Still, with Jay Bruce coming up and Edinson Volquez putting up Johan Santana-esque numbers in a year when Johan Santana is putting up Darren Dreifort-esque numbers, fans in Cincinnati have something to look forward to (read: Dusty Baker getting fired in 2009).

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Jay Bruce has one of the ugliest haircuts I've ever seen.

I haven't seen this much young talent since the school district said it was unsafe to a bus stop in front of my house!

Jay Bruce is not afraid.

I'm now going to throw up at the memory of Corey Patterson.


So I was looking for my car keys, see, and Dusty Baker told me to bunt first. I was all WTF but then after a few sorry attempts at bunting ... there they were, behind the credenza.

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