Cust Like a Knife

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Jack Cust doesn't really have polio but the way sportswriters treat his fielding ability, you'd think his muscles atrophied every time he played left field instead of designated hitting. True, he committed a error in last night's A's-Angels game that was so ridiculously bad, Tom Emanski himself turned over in his grave. But just because he let an easy two-out fly ball pop in and out of his glove, doesn't mean he should be responsible for the five runs scored after the gaffe.

Hey, starting pitcher Justin Duchscherer, your left fielder just let you down with a silly error. I know you were all ready to head to the dugout for some sunflower seeds but you're still one out shy. How about instead of allowing four singles and a tater tot you hunker down and strike someone out? Maybe get Erick Aybar and his .323 career slugging percentage to pop out instead of hitting a three-run ding dong? I don't know, am I asking too much?

I suppose I am because after Cust made his oopsie, the A's lost their 4-0 lead and trailed 5-4. So Jack Cust did what he does best. No, not eat a handful of steroids. Jack hit a solo ding dong to lead off the top of the fifth which catalyzed the A's to score seven more runs. All-in-all, Cust went 4-for-4 with two walks, three runs and an RBI before being pulled for a pinch runner (and, I presume, a better fielder) in the eighth.

The A's and their fans can laugh about the Cust error now, having put 20 hits on the board (woo $4 seats!) and winning the game 15-8. Still, not everyone is satisfied.

Hey commenters, who's your least favorite player on your favorite team, and why?

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Mike Hampton. Chris Resop. Royce Ring. Blaine Boyer.

The only Yankee I ever booed was Tanyon Sturtze. Fuck him and his injury-marred career.

Greg Dobbs. All utility men should produce like Emil Brown.

My two least favorite Red Sox players were Mirabelli and Kyle Snyder. They took care of Mirabelli and ALMOST got rid or Snyder but no one picked him up of waivers so he's still kicking around the Sox minor league system. So technically, he's still my least favorite.

Least favorite Brave ever: Dan Kolb

so...are Sh1tShow and futuremrsrickankiel sleeping together? That's all I can possible surmise from the first comment.

My least favorite doucheface on the Sawx is easily Billy Dee Williams Coco Crisp. Your swing is ugly from both sides of the plate, your cornrows make you look like a girl, and your arm is made of papier maché. Eat a dick, Coco Crisp.

I also hate watching Wakefield pitch, but he seems like an ok guy.

@ matt_T: hey! CTC said to name only ONE player! And he doesn't even follow his own rules!
Although if you're claming Resop, Ring, and Boyer as reasons you hate Hampton, I won't argue.

I like Coco.

You're banned.

Crap. I dont' think Hampton should count, because he doesn't really 'play' for my team.

It was renowned Tigers-fan-booing-subject Jason "Cheeseman" Grilli, but they somehow were able to trade him this week.

Since I get M's games in Portland, I suppose they are my favorite team. Jose Vidro is fucking horrible and a pain to watch play, but I think I hate Erik Bedard more.

well then, i guess the First Amendment don't mean shit on Commenter Participation Day.

C'mon, Iracane, you never booed Farnsworth? Never?

For me it's easy, current team: Joe Borowski. All-time: Jose Mesa. I'll punch that prick in the face if I ever see him. I don't think any explanations are needed.

Middle relievers are easy targets. So why go with what works.
Juan Rincon.
He needs to get back on the juice.

Barry Zito was the only A I booed more than Ben Grieve. Some people hate Jeremy Giambi for the no-slide game in 2001, but I don't BECAUSE HE WAS SAFE ANYWAY!

looks like somebody else committed "a error"...

grammar joke...

wait for it... it'll hit ya...

If by "sleeping together" you mean "writing a blog together," then yes. And if by "writing a blog together" you mean "sleeping together, then also yes.

Pedro "The Out Maker" Feliz. He seems like a good guy and plays decent defense at third, but if there's someone on base with fewer than two outs, I don't mind walking away from the TV, because I KNOW the dude's going to hit into a double play.

@ Clare: kinda late to the party, but Pedro Feliz was my least favorite player on the Giants for EXACTLY that reason. My current least favorite Giant?

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