Dale and the Boys: Your Murphy Family Update

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Hey remember back in the early days of Walkoff Walk when I attacked Dale Murphy's son without any apparent reason? When I said he chose football over baseball because he was so ashamed of his failures at baseball that he gained a ton of weight and became a football player? And then all his friends attacked me the in comments? Yeah that was silly of me. Turns out he was drafted in the fourth round by the Miami Dolphins! Go figure! What's going on with the rest of the Murphy clan?

One of Dale Murphy's other kids (he has eight...he's a Mormon) is trying out for the Atlanta Braves! Jake Murphy is a 6'4", 220 lb high school senior with a football scholarship offer from Brigham Young (he's a Mormon) and, according to Braves hitting coach Terry Pendleton, "some skills." Nice underhanded compliment, Terry!

The Palm Beach Post caught up with Dale himself and found out he's a pretty mouthy former ballplayer nowadays:

"Barry Bonds is not the cause of the problem," said Murphy, "but he does give you the opportunity to talk about it. I was very opinionated about Barry. He made some decisions I think were wrong, and the main thing about major-league players is that young people take their lead when it comes to getting involved in that stuff." Murphy spends much of his time these days giving school speeches and running a foundation (iwontcheat.com) to raise awareness on the effects of steroid abuse and other bad choices for young people, such as academic cheating and prescription-drug abuse.

Sheesh. iwontcheat.com? I bet you $1000 he's a member of the Promise Keepers.

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Also Mormon: Jacoby Ellsbury. Hot!


Ozzie Virgil's son runs a *very* successful beard coloring center.

Mark Lemke's son looks older than him.

Eddie was inspired and registered iwontpickupatrannyhooker.com

he was so ashamed of his failures at baseball that he gained a ton of weight and became a football player

At least he went on to do something else. What the fuck is Andruw Jones' excuse?

Mas plantains, por favor.

Jeff Leonard's son has a head the size of a monster truck tire.

Lonnie Smith is still a virgin because he keeps stopping at second base.

Jeff Blauser's kid tells everyone that Charlie Leibrandt is his real dad.

That should be Lonnie Smith Jr., but whatevs.

Otis Nixon's son is very single.

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