Don't Vote for the All Star Game...Yet

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April has come and gone which means the corporate entity known as Major League Baseball has opened the door on fan voting for the All Star Game. Online voting began earlier this week. Ushers are giving out ballots at stadiums all across the country. Heck, if you were at Camden Yards two weeks ago Boog Powell hisself would have given you a handful of ballots to wipe off your hands after eating his greasy sandwiches.

In that awful pseudo-press release on, 'writer' Mark Newman describes the 'pressure' involved with fan voting as such:

    "If you stockpile the AL team with Manny Ramirez and those reigning world champs from up in Boston, then Yankee Universe is going to post unfriendly blogs about you. If you load it up with A-Rod and other Yankees, then welcome to the pinstripe people party. This is a decision that affects the future, because the NL has not won since 1996, and once again the league that wins the All-Star Game will have home-field advantage in the World Series this October."

Yes, folks. Vote wisely or else there will be a ton of vitriol on the Internet from Yankees fans. Oh wait, there already is a ton of vitriol on the Internet from Yankees fans.

Please, fans, listen to me: don't vote for your favorite All Stars right now! It's too soon! Teams have played only 16% of the season so far; it's absolutely ridiculous to vote and reward a player with just 100 plate appearances. They'll let you vote on as late as July 2nd...that's over two months from today. Let the stars who are slumping (aka David Ortiz, Robinson Cano, and Ryan Howard) have their chance to make up some ground. And let the scrubs who are playing way over their heads (aka Nate McLouth, Fred Lewis, and Jeff Keppinger) have a chance to tumble back down to Earth.

Besides, Camp Tiger Claw and I haven't told you who to vote for just yet. We here at Walkoff Walk endorse the following players:

    Barry Bonds as a write-in vote for the NL outfield
    Frank Thomas as the sole representative for the Blue Jays
    Bengie Molina for having a smart blog

But seriously, wait until June 15th. Who else should we be voting for when the time comes?

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don't vote for your favorite All Stars right now!

Poppycock. Emil Brown's time has come. We will all live in his shadow.

It's Emil Brown's world and we're all just saying "Who?" in it.

Up until a week ago, I thought Emil Brown was a member of Morris Day and the Time.

No, he leads Emil Brown and His Band of Zero Renown.

"Oh-e, oh-ee, oh," said Brown.

You all shut your mouths and acknowledge Emil Brown and his BBC as the greatest hitter ever. The man has no need for a vowel to make his name phonetically correct.

Emil Brown's connectedness factor just shot up tenfold.

Prince Fielder heard the name, and though someone was offering some food.

Emil has a brother named Nomel.

Not yet? Ok, just tell me when I'm supposed to submit those 25 ballots for Derek Jeter like you told me, Rob.

Just vote for Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan 25x per computer.

Vote for Matt Stairs because one time he had the equipment manager of the A's run to the bar and get him a shot and a glass of water then he took the shot, took a viagra, then pounded the glass of water and walked out of the bar with a woman who wasn't his wife and he has a sweet mullet.

Stairs in '08

I thought we determined yesterday that Justin Morneau was a sham.


He does lead AL 1b's in RBI's, Tied for the lead in HR's and has the best glove of any regular 1B in the AL, plus he is hitting over .450 with RISP.

Casey Kotchman eats pieces of shit like Morneau for breakfast.

At least Morneau pays his taxes.

And pays for parking for his females

Morneau is Canadian so he is paying something like a 75% tax rate.

And he doesn't smell like a blend of chilled grapefruit, clean oakmoss and spice

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