Eric Gagne: The WoW True Hollywood Story

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crazy britney.jpgEric Gagne's fall from goggled grace hit a new low this weekend after he effectively removed himself from the closer role in the Milwaukee bullpen. Gagne called his start on Saturday an "embarassment" and said he no longer deserved the job. As of Saturday night, Gagne and Yost were the last two people in America that had yet to say that, so once that shoe dropped, the manager had no choice but to demote Gagne. In Yost's expert opinion, Gagne needs "a mental break." To which I say: FROM WHAT!?

He spent all of last season shitting the bed then had a 4 month mental break called "the offseason." He promptly returned to pitching terribly. I'm positive a nap in the middle of May isn't going to wipe this dismal slate clean. Ah but wait, it's more than a mental break. There's also... um... something else!

Yost also said the staff has a handle on why Gagne has struggled and blown three of his last six save chances. He didn't reveal what the mechanical flaw was.

"It's very simple," Yost said. "I'm not going to tell you and I'm not going into it because it's nobody's real business. Plus I don't want to let anybody know in case the opposing team sees it, but it's a simple adjustment that we think can get him back on track."
So to recap. Nothing to see here. Old Ned's got everything under control. Gagne just needs a mental break. Oh, except for the mystery mechanical problem. That uh... they knew about but didn't do anything about until Gagne removed himself. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Ned Yost will be fired before the end of the season.

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Correction: Gagne spent half of last season excelling on a shitty team, and then shitting the bed on an excellent team.

All this Eric Gagne hoopla has let the Jason Isringhausen Affair exist in the background of the Great NL Central Closer Controversy of 2008.

Unless "a mental break" means "start taking HGH again," this cannot end well.

Didn't Isringhausen & the Cards do & say the exact same things Friday night?

Copy cats!

I need a "mental break" from being unemployed and living off of Ms. Wahoo. I think a couple bong hits and a matinee showing of Iron Man should help, though.

Yost should pull those goggles and snap 'em back on Gagne's fat face. There's your 'adjustment,' pal.
@ Chief Wahoo: I need more coffee. I read that as 'a couple bong hits off a manatee.'

Ned Yost saying that Gagne needs a "mental break" is the double entendre of the week.

I will double your entedre
-The Todd


That was the double entendre of the weak.

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