Everyone In This Video Agrees: Progress Sucks

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Some people really dislike all the new-fangled corporate sponsorships and technological revolutions and safer, plastic beer bottles in the sport of baseball nowadays. So instead of heading down to Shea Stadium for a game between two teams that didn't exist before 1961, they dress up like fruitcakes and play old-timey baseball!

I hope everyone in this video tears an ACL, and, because there was no arthroscopic surgery back in nineteen-aught-five, has to be put down like Barbaro.

Full disclosure: I think Matt Rivera's article is well-written and actually, old-timey baseball is awesome and I am just jealous that I cannot participate, lacking the necessary hand-eye coordination and legs that work properly.

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Underhand pitching... large, softer balls (teehee)... Guys, this is just Chicago-style softball with short-brim hats.

Who wants to go play some no-forward pass-style football with me? Hopefully only a couple people will die.

Needs Ambrotyped instant replay.


To the Cyclorama for a Sasparilla!

Also, that one guy in the video says "Lew-eez-ville Slugger." Ha, ha.

Is there a Vintage Negro Base Ball Association too?

I can't see the video, but I assume they are all holding up their belts with onions.

@Iracane - I think they call that the NL.

I hope like all hell that they talk old-timey smack, too.

Watch your swing, there, you gout-ridden varmint!
Ah, your mother voted for Harrison, yeh tariff-loving bastard!
My mother can't vote! We haven't ratified the 19th Amendment yet!
What in tarnation is the 19th Amendment!
Dad-gum it, I don't know! Git out there and play some pepper!

No glove no love.

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