Gagne Ends Mental Break; Is Clearly Mental

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crazy britney.jpgI'll make this quick. Eric Gagne says he's ready to close again. Yeah, the same guy I wrote about yesterday. He says Sunday was his "mental break" and now he's ready to get back out there. Some choice quotes:

Gagne met briefly during batting practice with St. Louis closer Jason Isringhausen, who recently was removed from that role for a mental break, also.

"It always helps to talk to closers," said Gagne. "We're the only people that really know how we feel. We're a little different."

As for returning to the closing role, Gagne said: "I think I'm ready to go out there. I want to go out there as soon as I can. I know how to close. That's the only thing I know how to do.

It's the only thing you know how to do? Can someone mail him a DeVry catalog? Today?

Ugh. I know one thing he's succeeding at. Making me feel as depressed as he seems himself.

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Eric Gagne is Barbaro and Eric Gagne's brain is Barbaro's hoof.

He's very good at growing facial hair and looking like a doofus. I'm sure there's a career in that

Like fronting an Emo band.

Second week of May and you need a mental break from your job?
Tonight I'll make sure there's more lavender in the potpourri for you, cupcake.

@Rob: grow lobe, grow?...

matt_t: those are the makings of a top Lacrosse player.

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