Goats on Ice Skates: Hockey at Wrigley Really Happening

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After some boring speculation about where the NHL would play their next Winter Classic, Gary Bettman has finally decided that pitting two hockey teams against one another on some ice in Wrigley Field would be a fantastic idea. Sure, run with it. Seems as though the Chicago Blackhawks will be facing the Detroit Red Wings on New Years Day 2009 at the House That Gum Built.

I'm surprised that the game won't be played at Soldier Field instead. It's bigger and icier and holds many more insane Chicagoans. Wrigley being a baseball park, this brings up tons of questions. Will fans in the bleachers be allowed to boo Nikolai Khabibulin? Will some Chicago celeb like George Wendt sing "Hockey Monkey" during the second intermission? Heck, will they throw Ron Santo's out on the ice with skates on his hands just for laughs?

Chicago didn't earn the nickname "Second City" for nothing though: they weren't really the first choice of Senor Bettman:

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said last week that the proposed game at Yankee Stadium isn't as likely to happen because of a "variety of issues," according to Newsday. "There are some winterization issues, because it is an older stadium," Bettman told reporters in a conference call. "... I don't know whether or not they can be resolved."

Translation: you'll get a hockey game in Yankee Stadium over George Steinbrenner's dead bloated body.

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There are some winterization issues, because it is an older stadium

As opposed to Wrigley, that bastion of modernity?

This explains Soriano's play in left field lately.

I'd be shocked if anyone at Yankee Stadium has even heard of the Gary Bettman.

Lonnie Smith to drop the ceremonial first puck, I presume?

It's the Second City because the first one burned down. It's the Windy City because of the bragadocious reputation of its 19th century politicians and civic boosters. It's the City of Big Shoulders, yet half of the people who live here are more recognizable for their fat asses.

This has John McDonough written all over it. He is a marketing genious.

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