I Didn't Want to Do This: Your Corey Patterson Update

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I've been beating a dead horse for a while, but my manfriend John Fay at the Cincinnati Enquirer has been keeping me up to date with the comings and goings of Corey Patterson, and I feel the need to pass the savings on to you, our customer. Here's what manager Dusty Baker had to say on Monday regarding moving our erstwhile leadoff man and center fielder down in the lineup:

"Yeah, what makes it kind of rough is you don't want to have three left-handers in a row," Baker said. "That's what I'm trying to stay away from. He's going to get going. Guys usually end where their (career) average is. . . we don't have a bunch of speed. You need speed, especially in close games."

Patterson was hitting .196 with five stolen bases in eight attempts at the time. After going 6-for-8 In the past two games, he's up to .236, but more importantly, his position in the depth chart just improved a bit.

In last night's 5-3 Reds victory over the Marlins, starting shortstop Jeff Keppinger broke his kneecap (OUCH), forcing Baker to re-adjust the defense. Right fielder Jerry Hairston Jr. moved to shortstop, center fielder Ryan Freel moved to right, and our hero Corey Patterson, who was sitting against left-handed starter Mark Hendrickson, entered the game in centerfield. If Ken Griffey gets his wish and moves back to Seattle, your starting Reds outfield will be Freel, Patterson and Adam Dunn until Jay Bruce gets his call-up from AAA Louisville.

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If you need speed, go walk around the corner from the park, I'm sure some weird looking guy on the corner will sell you some.

Eric Davis?

Do I smell a new Dusty pic? I DO! And it smells gooooooood, like confusion and burning.

Corey Patterson reminds me of a dead horse, yes.

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