Little League Comes to Roslyn, NY - 1952

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Today's classic TV post features this delightful filmstrip about the introduction of Little League baseball to the quiet village of Roslyn, New York. It's nearly fifteen minutes long but you get a good taste about the enthusiasm of an entire Long Island town about the sport of baseball.

Thanks to Ira Gallen of New York City, who is collecting a bunch of videos on YouTube for the baby boomer generation.

Just can't keep those mothers in the kitchen!

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A more innocent time in America, when you could still slap your wife and firehose some minorities.

I'm not the only one who did a running MST3K dialogue throughout that whole piece, right?


I did the exact same thing when I found it. This is why we're internet friends.

And kids, when you're done with a hard day of playing baseball, light up a Lucky Strike! Ahh, what a smooth pull of healthy nicotine!

So we have like internet sleepovers and our internet moms make us internet pizza bagels?

Also, Why did the beauty shots of Williamsport make it look like a thriving metropolis?

Today is the first time Farthammer is proud of America. Just like MichelleO.

Maybe Michelle Obama is Farthammer!

I can't wait till the day I find out Donald Rumsfeld's childhood nickname was Pikkumatti.

I'm on to you, Don.

Its crazy to think that 90% of these kids grew up to be acid dropping hippies.

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