Livan Hernandez is a Scratch Golfer, Angry Cuban

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When pro athletes end their careers, they sometimes choose to remain competitive on the golf course. John Perrotto, in his Every Given Sunday column at Baseball Prospectus, names a current pitcher who may someday end up on the Champions Tour with Rick Rhoden: (subscription req'd)

Twins right-hander Livan Hernandez wants to take a shot at becoming a professional golfer if his pitching career ever ends.

Hernandez allegedly has experience with the ol' woods and irons. His current teammate Joe Nathan played with Livan back in 2002, and remembers getting his "butt whipped" by Livan on the golf course. Oh! That's just like the time Livan got arrested back in 2003 for assault with a pitching wedge:

Police said Hernandez pushed Francisco Martinez, 65, to the ground during an argument outside a warehouse he rents from the man. The dispute escalated and police said Hernandez grabbed some golf clubs from the trunk of his car and tried to hit Martinez.

The charges were eventually dropped against Hernandez and he avoided jail time, having only to attend anger management courses and perform community service. His worst punishment? Being traded to the Expos just two months after the arrest.

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Hernandez pushed Francisco Martinez, 65, to the ground during an argument

That's not cool for Livan to be pushing around someone so much younger than him.

I bet he's not as good when he's not playing an Eric Gregg designed course.

Livan looks like the bizarre love-child of Gilbert Gottfried and Dr. Dre.

And he shall be a good man.


Somehow that's exactly what he looks like.

IF his pitching career ever ends?
Make it so.

I tried to come up with something funny to say, but I am still rocked by PaleHos' observation.

Ice Tea stole my material

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