Massive Cubicle Count Update: Jamie Moyer Gets Around

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Earlier today, I alerted you to the amazing and fascinating statistic that Phillies pitcher Tom Gordon has pitched in 45 different ballparks. Well hang on to your hats people BECAUSE THERE'S MORE:

At 45, Jamie Moyer will make it 46 ballparks. When the venerable lefty steps on the mound at Nationals Park on Wednesday, it will be the 46th mound he's toed in a career that began on June 16, 1986, and has entered its 22nd season.

Stop the goddamned presses, this is mind-bogglingly wild information! What could possibly make today any more insane?

Moyer doesn't have the highest total on the Phillies. That distinction goes to Rudy Seanez, who enters Wednesday's game with a chance to reach 47.

Holy Moses smell the roses! Pat Gillick has assembled a supergroup of old pitchers who have pitched in so many ballparks, they forget where they are from time to time. Or where they left their keys.

In other news, no glog today because I'm headed out early for the Yankees-Orioles game. Sorry!

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Glog the Yankees game through text messages to CTC who will then transpose them onto the site.

I can live-comment on TQ.


Son of a bitch. I would like a full refund for my wednesday afternoon liveglog club membership fee.

Don't fight Grampy Moyer, CTC--it's not fair to fight an octogenarian!

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