Mickey Mantle Switches To Natural Light- 1980

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I don't even know where to start with today's Classic TV post. The Mick's acting? The acting of the other people? The pinball game? The fact that Natural Light once bragged about THE TASTE OF THEIR BEER? Leave that to High Life.

The commercial is also a little sad knowing how things turned out towards the end for the guy. But oh, well. Today we laugh with him. This weekend when you open a cold one, toast it to the sky then pour a little out for Mickey, will ya?

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone. It feels like we've been doing this for quite awhile but we're just now getting to the meaty part of the season. Thanks for coming back every day. Even you, BC Twins Fan. It's a treat.

Like most of our brethren we're taking the whole three days off, so enjoy some baseball the old fashioned way. Without a computer. Have fun, be (kinda) safe and we'll see y'all on Tuesday.

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To this day, I still buy 18 and 24 packs of Natty Light sometimes. But there's nothing worse than requesting Natural Light, and your "friend" comes back with Natural Ice. AKA Natural Disaster.

CTC, you'll appreciate this: Last night was my night to bring beer for my team for kickball. I brought Yuengling Light (for the girls *pffft*) and High Life. I was a big hit.

That black guy really leans in close there, doesn't he?

Same here Farthammer. I lived on Natty Light in college. I still go back occasionally to reminisce.

Mick might have passed, but Norm Crosby is still very much alive. Life is good.


I also wondered what the hell the black guy was doing. Was that Reggie Jackson?

Reggie Jackson accomplished more with the A's than with the Yankees.

CTC, I thought the same thing. Maybe it's supposed to be a Reggie lookalike, eying his chance at the "Break Maris' 61 Home Run Record" pinball game, which the Mick came ever-so-close to doing. Clearly this is from a bygone era in which you needed a semiotics degree (or a fair-to-medium amount of drugs) just to watch a goddamned domestic beer commercial.

@ CTC: Duh! it's Martin Lawrence!

"Ex-Slugger" is slightly better that "Has-been." But not much.

@ CTC: I like how he just walks away after leaning in. Like he's making sure that everything's in order.

)(@(*#&^ SORIANO

thanks, I feel better.

I once saw Brian Daubach purchase a 24 pack of Natty Light at a shitty liquor store in Nonantum, MA

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