Mike Piazza Retires

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piazza.jpgMike Piazza just released a statement saying he is retiring.

"After discussing my options with my wife, family and agent, I felt it is time to start a new chapter in my life," he said in a statement released by his agent, Dan Lozano. "It has been an amazing journey."

Piazza wasn't playing anywhere so I'm not sure the discussion lasted very long. Still Piazza leaves the game with some truly impressive offensive numbers, especially for a catcher. No hack jokes about Piazza's personal life here. I liked the guy. My only regret is that he never got to deck Clemens. Happy trails, Mike.

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".... and due to the fact that nobody wants to hire me,"

Goodbye Michael P.
Though I never knew you at all
You had the grace to hold your glove
And catch Al Leiter's balls

Dude's name anagrams to "I Make Pizza." He'll reinvent himself as a thriving restauranteur and be just fine.

Also, he has the same birthday as Beyonce.

/kicks self for knowing that off the top of her head

"After discussing my options with my wife, family and agent...

Give it up Mikey, everybody knows you're gay.

I always thought he handled nicely the constant harping about his noodle arm and personal life. He comes out of nowhere, makes himself into a star (one of the best-hitting catchers in history), and then has to hear non-stop about how terrible he is, or about how someone who knows someone else saw him leaving Katz's with Sam Champion. He had rights to be a complete jerk, but seemed to be a pretty decent guy.

He also married one of the hottest playmates in history.

Best hitting catcher ever. He eats pieces of shit like Geovany Soto for breakfast.


And none of that shit started until he went to New York, proving once again that Mets fans are the worst people in the entire world.

I sure didn't read that last paragraph before commenting.

My B yo MIkeY PIZza 4LYFE!!

The car dealerships in SE PA bearing his name, however, do not subscribe the his work ethic.


This happens that you feel you are best in what you do but you dont get the chance to prove it. Anyway best of luck to you man.

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