Nick Swisher to Somehow Look Even More Silly

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Well, at least it's for a good cause. As per Maury Brown's Biz of Baseball blog, Nick Swisher and his White Sox teammates are gonna dye their facial hair pink:

   "It was announced today that Chicago White Sox players Nick Swisher, John Danks and Toby Hall will dye their facial hair pink in honor of Mother's Day and support of Breast Cancer awareness (today). Swisher, Danks and Hall also will make a donation to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation (Chicago) on behalf of all White Sox players."

I'm already pretty much well aware of this 'breast cancer' thing, but I salute Swisher, Danks, and Hall for going to such a humiliating degree to promote cancer research. Seriously, guys. Scott Speizio didn't look stupid enough for you?

Credit goes to Home Run Derby for predicting this would happen and makin' some great Photoshop-renderings after reading a not-so-secretive item in Nick Swisher's blog.

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Hey it's get to know your commenter day: Dave is self-employed!

Also, I look forward to the next use of the "three in the pink" tag.

I put three in the pink once. Then the cotton-candy vendor kicked me out of the carnival.


that doesn't even make sense.

Or Dave works at

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