Our Indian Friends: An Update

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Dhalsim.jpgThose pasty eating crack journalists over at Reuters UK have caught up with "Million Dollar Arm" winners and WoW favorites, Rinku and Dinesh. How are things going for them since their arrival in the states? Let's check in:

"The training has started and it feels very good," Singh told Reuters by telephone. "We've just got back after watching a match, we had no clue about the game." The left-handed Singh, who has hurled the javelin to a modest distance of 67 metres, is aware of the tough job on hand. "The first trial was held when I had taken a break from my athletics training because of injury.

So no clue about the game they're playing and already hurt. They're an intriguing mix of Barry Zito and Rich Harden. Ok. Go on...

"My father was a truck driver but he is at home for the last one year," he said. "I want to buy a truck for him, my (family) background is very bad."

Oh Jesus Ganesh, not with the truck again. In all seriousness that quote is kind of heartbreaking and you have to hope things work out for these kids. If not in a "making the major leagues" sense, at least in a "seeing the world gave me some opportunity" sense.

So, who's running this thing anyway? Someone named, "Jeff Bernstein, managing director of 7 Figures Management." Why does that name sound so familiar? Oh, he's also Barry Bonds' marketing agent. We should just all start pitching in for the truck now.

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"Jeff Bernstein, managing director of 7 Figures Management."

Funny, a Jew in charge of talent managment company? What's next?

@bc twins fan

I'm sure I can find 10 things that fucking suck about your people. Lick my cunt.

You know guys, comments like this are why everyone else in the blogohoozit think we're weird, and also why we can't have nice things.

"Your" people? I can't think of ten things that suck about Frank Viola and Kent Hrbeck.

I can think of two for Viola.

1. Perm
2. arm exploded

What's my People? I was joking Jiegel

Please do not offer my God a peanut

CTC, What's wrong with a male perm?

Yeah, and it kinda wasn't that funny. Stick to things you KNOW nobody will be offended by, like meaningless Twins baseball fluffing.

Wow I didn't know you were so thin skinned. You would think that people who go around telling everyone that they are "God's chosen people" would expect to get a litte shit every once in a while.

I hope that Singh's "modest" (I'd like to see Reuters journalist N. Ananthanarayanan's career best) javelin throwing ability anecdote is the new "dad drives a truck." Because I for one am fucking sick of reading about that truck.

How much do trucks cost in India? Less than $100,000, I bet.

pic looks like the bad dude from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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