Owen Wilson to Play Suicidal Marlins Fan, Date Rachel from Friends

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Hey check out the awesome celebrity paparazzi photosnapshot I stole from this celebretard website via the fine Marlins blog Fishstripes:


Yes, it's Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson filming some movie (presumably about a dog who plays baseball called Air Bud Selig...zing!) at Dolphin Stadium née Pro Player Park née Joe Robbie Stadium (that's where the Marlins play). Color me unsurprised that the backdrop of this movie shows the Reds losing. OMIGOD I AM ON FIRE TODAY JUST LIKE MICHAEL MUSTO!

Update: Thanks to the super-awesome Meech from Bugs & Cranks, there is video evidence.

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That damn Hansel, he's so hot right now.

I hope either Aniston or that dog is trained in suicide prevention.

The Air Bud movie about the dog playing baseball was called Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch.

They've actually made seven Air Bud movies -- the last one was called Snow Buddies, and was about the Iditarod. A bunch of dogs were killed during the filming of it, because Disney murders everything it touches.

Preston Wilson in the Marlins outfield >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Owen Wilson in the Marlins outfield

The latest Air Bud movie was a period piece about the oil boom in Texas. It was called Air Bud 9: There Will Be Bud.

Owen Wilson in the outfield >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Angels in the Outfield

I liked that movie more when it was called Fever Pitch.

....Actually I liked it less.

Also, whatup with the mural on the wall back there... Is that Nelson Mandela standing next to a swan?

That is one hot dog!


break time!

The film they are making is "Marley and Me". I was offered a job on it but turned it down. Spending my winter in Coral Gables was enticing but I had just moved in with Ms. Wahoo and didn't want to screw things up that quickly.

I think the mural is for one of the Indian reservations. You know, because having your likeness recreated behind Josh Willingham is totally equal to being driven from your homeland and confined to trailer parks.

That dog made more money for this movie then the entire Marlins team in 2008.

Casino Nation! Ack

That's actually not for the Indians. It's a tribute to French Canadians that flock to Broward County in the winter and fall asleep next to the pool after too much Molson.

BTW, it's the same Director who made "The Devil Wears Prada", so start lining up for your tickets now. Heh.

Chief Wahoo is a bastion of knowledge about this film. Or he may have read the imdb listing. Either way.

Damn Honeynut, you discovered my plan to impress random anonymous assholes online by pretending to work in the film business. Congratulations, Bess Myers, you foiled me again. I'll be back, when you are least expecting it, pretending to work as a zookeeper and sharing my knowledge of the mating habits of lions.

/was merely kidding
/will retract self from under Chief Wahoo's skin

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