Own a Piece of Padre History More Expensive Than Team Itself

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Our friends at Gaslamp Ball don't have much else to do now that the Padres have the worst record in baseball (also, Greg Maddux will be stuck on 349 wins forever), so they've been scouring Craigslist to find the best deals for San Diegans looking to redecorate their swank downtown condos. Here's what they found:

   "This is a Seat from Petco Ballpark!!! In Great Condition!!! Take a look at the pictures this is no joke. A must have for any TRUE fan!!! Lucky for you I'm a A's Fan... Priced at $22750.00 OBO shoot me a Email with a number maybe we can make it happen..."

Only $22750.00? Wow, what a steal! Especially since it was marked down from $25000.00! That must be a really swank stadium seat. I bet it's the Stickley of stadium seats. Is it gold-plated? Does it come with season passes to Petco Park where you can bring the seat in and plop it down in the on-bat circle right on the field? Does it have built-in massage features like the Spinemelter 2000? I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I WESTERN UNION THAT MAN MY $22750!

A somewhat related question: when Yankee Stadium is demolished and the city of New York sells off all those seats, how much will those cost? Using this Petco Park seat as a yardstick, by my estimation, they'll be $1.5 billion per pair.

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Before I bid, I would like to know its Value Over Replacement Chair.

I have a seat from the old Cleveland Municipal stadium in my apartment. They gave them away for free as long as you brought your own tools and picked them up at night.

now that the Padres have the worst record in baseball

Yeah, well ... umm ... you ...

Fucking Christ.

I heard a the seats from the old Busch stadium had crochet slip covers with folksy sayings on them.

And feces.

When they shut down the Vet, they sold off the seats at $250 a pair. Locals snatched them all up, then melted them down and made bullets and shanks out of them.

The Giants left Candlestick after the wind blew the chairs right out of the pos.

The Marlins require that you bring your own seats to watch the game.

Brewers' seats are all attached to helicopters waiting to fly fans to the hospital.

Ray Kroc is spinning in his grave right now.

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