Paul DePodesta Has a Blog, Access to Wi-Fi in Ray Kroc's Basement

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Dex of Gaslamp Ball got a fantastic scoop from his connections with the San Diego Padres' front office. Turns out that former Dodgers general manager and current Special Assistant for Baseball Operations with the San Diego Padres Paul DePodesta has a blog, and he's not afraid to use it:

   "I began thinking about hosting a blog about a year ago, and back in January I took the first big step by starting an internal blog for employees of the Padres. The idea all along was to someday create an external blog to engage in a direct dialogue with our fans. Well, given the events of the past few weeks, that "someday" is now. We'll have to figure out the rules as we go since I won't be able to share everything, but I think it's important to open this avenue right now."

DePodesta was a disciple of Billy Beane with the Oakland A's and he played a significant role in that murder mystery novel Moneyball. (spoiler: it was Mark Teahen, in the conservatory, with the candlestick) He was later hired by the Dodgers to fill the G.M. role, but was let go within 20 months because Frank McCourt hates that fancy baseball math.

Walkoff Walk has been around long enough that we can welcome Mr. DePodesta to the baseballblogosphere and wish him the best of luck fending off rabid, commenting fans with knee-jerk reactions to seemingly wacky front office moves. Lucky for him, the San Diego faithful are pretty laid back; unlucky for him, the Padres have the worst record in baseball (but here come the Mariners!)

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I mean he was probably going to be near a computer figuring out Khalil Greene's UHISPJNFSKJEP percentage anyway. So why not?

All I know is that his TYTYTYTIO is off the charts this year.

I need to know if Maddux whizzed on him.

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