Previewing Interleague: The Battle for Supreme Awfulness Series

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Today is the first day of interleague play so let's take a look at a few interesting matchups. Next, the Padres - Mariners.

This is one of those natural rivalries that meet twice a year, every year. San Diegans and Seattlites both bitch and complain about this fact, but really, who else would you choose as natural rivals? Until there's an American League team in Tijuana and a National League team in Vancouver, you two are stuck together, so deal with it. Here are your pitching matchups:

   Friday: Miguel Batista (R) vs Chris Young (R)
   Saturday: Erik Bedard (L) vs Randy Wolf (L)
   Sunday: Felix Hernandez (R) vs Shawn Estes (L)

This series also features the two teams with the worst records in their respective leagues. Neither team can hit well, with the Padres getting on base at a major league low .303 rate and the Mariners just ahead at .306. This is the baseball equivalent of deciding whether to watch How I Met Your Mother or Bones on a Monday night. You'd be better off shooting your television and then yourself.

Still, I'm interested in (a) seeing if Hernandez can regain his April magic and (b) if the entire Mariners organization collapses in sadness and despair before the All-Star break.

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I thought you said you were previewing the interesting matchups?!


Yostal is going to slit your throat.

The Tijuana Crabs???

The Vancouver Pole Dancers???

I hear they have excellent strip clubs.

Seaman vs. Catholics

Fuck you Seattle, the worst record in the majors will be ours again by Sunday night!


Jim Leyland

A cursory glance at Google Maps tells me there are 7 In-n-Out Burgers in the San Diego area. Geoff Baker approves.

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