Previewing Interleague: The Eric Gagne Series

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Today is the first day of interleague play so let's take a look at a few interesting matchups. First up, Brewers - Red Sox.

Remember the halcyon days of the late twentieth century, when the Milwaukee Brewers visiting the Boston Red Sox was merely just a normal occurrence, and not some new Bud Selig creation to appease fans and increase attendance? Yeah, so do I. No matter, Bob Uecker and the Brew Crew are on their way to Fenway tonight to face Terry Francona and the Sawks. Here are your pitching matchups:

   Friday: Jeff Suppan (R) vs. Daisuke Matsuzaka (R)
   Saturday: Dave Bush (R) vs. Tim Wakefield (R)
   Sunday: Carlos Villanueva (R) vs. Josh Beckett (R)

Boston's least favorite reliever from their 2007 World Championship team returns in Brewers form, Mr. Eric Gagne. He's back as the closer for Ned Yost's team but if Milwaukee is hanging onto a close lead late, don't expect Yost to feel entirely comfortable about calling for the shaky righthanded pitcher. Ten saves out of 15 opportunities is an awful rate for a reliever. Also awful, having to take a mental break.

As far as the starters go, Jeff Suppan is also returning to face his former team while Tim Wakefield was the last Red Sox starter to face the Brewers way back in 1997. Heck, he'll probably be the next Red Sox starter to face the Brewers when they come back for an interleague series in 2015.

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Jeff Suppan has been on the Red Sox twice and I can't recall a single inning he's ever thrown.


Yeah sure you remember, he's that guy who sucked both times.

Gagne should look on the brightside, when he blows a save this weekend, he'll finally be cheered by the Boston fans.

Gagne doesn't need to worry about saving a game. I don't think there is much of a chance that the Brewers have a lead in this series.

Red Sox hitters OPS versus Jeff Suppan:

Casey .924
Cora 1.714
Drew 1.068
Lowell 0.000
Lugo 1.135
Ortiz .874
Manny 1.250
Varitek 1.279

Manny is going to top his last highlight play and headbutt Bernie Brewer mid-catch at some point in this series.

I thought the Eric Gagne series was an infinite series of conditionally convergent terms that can be arranged in such a way as to converge to a given value.


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