Previewing Interleague: The Matt_T and Farthammer Throwdown Series

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Today is the first day of interleague play so let's take a look at a few interesting matchups. Next, the Athletics - Braves.

As long as the Braves can avoid getting into one-run games, they'll have a chance to take the series at home against a very light-hitting A's team. After all, this weekend matchup is at the Ted and they Braves are 14-4 at home.

This matchup features the two stingiest teams in the majors; both pitching squads are allowing under 4 runs per game and feature very able fielders. Both teams are in the top eight in defensive efficiency, a statistic that would make CTC's head explode. But lo, who will be the starting pitchers this weekend?

   Friday: Dana Eveland (L) vs. Charlie Morton (R)
   Saturday: Rich Harden (R) vs. Jair Jurrjens (R)
   Sunday: Justin Duchscherer (R) vs. Tim Hudson (R)

I must admit I have no idea who Charlie Morton is, but something tells me the fella in this video isn't the gent pitching tonight. Tim Hudson is facing his former team for the first time, but none of those dudes were ever his teammate anyway so it's no biggie. Also, Hudson's teammate Mark Kotsay will be going up against the team that traded him away in exchange for magic beans.

Most importantly, the winning team of this series will determine who wins Commenter of the Fortnight for Walkoff Walk, either Farthammer's A's or Matt_T's Braves.

UPDATE: I stole my information from Rototimes, and it was completely wrong. The Braves' rotation this weekend is Jurrjens, Hudson, and Jo-Jo Reyes. OOPSIE DOODLE

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The A's pitchers will probably improve their offense.

Oh no I don't know who to root for! YOU'RE BOTH WINNERS IN MY BOOK

Rich Harden injures himself when he sneezes. I can't wait to see what kind of carnage and mayhem he can bring to the clubhouse with a bat in his hands.
His first swing will probably give Booby Crosby AIDS and shatter all of his own neurons.

"Booby" was not a typo. That's his name until he finishes a season hitting higher than .230

I look forward to seeing some quality ghostriding in the parking lot tomorrow.

Tomorrow I leave the filthy city forever and move to the South Bay. Tonight? I pack and watch the A's dominate the Braves with pitching. Then lose 2-1.


If you're ever at the Coliseum, ignore ghostriders. Look up Trackstar, the local rapper who is a friend to all. He'll do a freestyle for you and then sell you a subpar CD.

This has worked on me 3 times. My favorite is "Money, Music, & Marijuana"

That sounds much better than the guys that always want me to play 3 card monte. Or donate to their 'youth basketball' team.

Just hope you don't get assaulted by ballon kid and his mom. Their fucking vicious.

ohhh you guys are so adorbes


Or they're, even.

I don't "make out" FMRA...I french.

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