Reds Bat Out of Order, Clubhouse "Golden Tee" Also Out of Order

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Lost in the hoopla of all those wild, wacky rainouts yesterday was this wacky highlight from the Reds-Mets game in Flushing:

    "The basics: Mets reliever Pedro Feliciano started the (ninth) inning and faced catcher David Ross, hitting in the eighth spot. Ross lined out to right. The problem was Ross had been double-switched into the game in the bottom of the sixth inning as a pinch hitter for pitcher Bill Bray - slated to hit ninth - and would replace starting catcher Paul Bako, who had batted eighth the first six innings, defensively. Corey Patterson was inserted in the eighth inning to play centerfield and was supposed to hit eighth in place of reliever Jeremy Affeldt."

Translation: Dusty Baker's Reds batted out of order. Mets manager Willie Randolph spotted the error, presented his case to the umps, and was rewarded when Ross' fly out was stricken from the records and Patterson was charged with a putout to the catcher. So basically, Corey Patterson recorded an out without even setting foot in the batters box. Walkoff Walk's favorite target of derision is simply finding new ways to make outs every day! He's a Renaissance man of out-making! (Full disclosure: I like Corey Patterson and am rooting for him to do well, just not as a leadoff hitter)

Oddly enough, Ross was allowed to bat in his proper spot following this goof. He singled, but the Reds still lost 8-3.

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Dusty didn't want Corey clogging up the batter's box

Corey Patterson is a handsome man. I wish him well. But Jiminy Crickett, kid, get your head out of your ###.

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