Reds Mascot Gets the Ol' Marie Antoinette Treatment

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Via the inimitable Meech at Bugs & Cranks, I bring you the most horrific gut-wrenching video you will watch all day:

Oh the shame! Don't look at his face! That's the Reds mascot "Mr. Redlegs" having his head removed after tumbling from an ATV driven by some other dumb Reds mascot. Where have I seen Mr. Redlegs before, anyway? Oh yeah.

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Mr. Redlegs

Little mascot FooFoo, running through the ballpark, snatching up the Redlegs and popping off their heads

I guess two heads really are better than one

That was the farthest the Reds have hit a ball this season.


Jayne Mansfield > Mr. Redlegs


Reds Mascot Gets the Ol' Marie Antoinette Treatment

Mr. Redlegs wants everyone to eat cake?
The San Diego Chicken conned Mr. Redlegs into buying a ridiculously expensive diamond necklace?
Sofia Coppola made a culturally anachronistic version of the story of Mr. Redlegs's life?

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