Relevant Bat Attack!

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palm_smash_bat.jpgOver the weekend, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the Pirates had released pitching prospect Olivio Astacio after he attacked a teammate with a bat in extended spring training. Apparently Astacio has a bit of a reputation as a loonball motherfucker, having been drafted by the Red Sox in '02 but sitting out all of 2005 as a disciplinary action. The following year, he only pitched one game for AA Altoona before breaking his hand in a fight. Milton Bradley, Anton Newcombe and Bad News Brown all think this dude needs to take it down a notch.

Apparently the guy he hit wasn't seriously injured.

Duh, Astacio is a pitcher!11!ONE!!

I owe a a pair of headphones and some hip shades to Pat Lackey for the lead.

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Wait, he's not Australian?

Faith Healers of the Bronx

Cole Hamels is not impressed.

Brien Taylor agrees with Cole Hamels.

Whatup with Altoona? That's a weird fuckin name for a town.

Is that guy related to Izzy Alcantra?

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