Rob Walking The Streets Of Philadelphia; Bruce Springsteen To Co-Write WoW!!

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bruce.jpgOne of those things is true and it's not the Springsteen part. Rob is in the city of Brotherly love for a couple of basebally things. First he's checking out the "Baseball As America" exhibit at Constitution Hall, then it's onto lovely Citizen's Bank Ballpark to watch the Phils take on WoW comedy favorite, The San Francisco Giants.

Rob will be taking all kinds of neat pictures, nearly 1/4 of which can be displayed legally on the internet to you. This also means I have the only keys to WoW all day. Wooooo doggie!

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Commenter Participation Day!

What is Rob really doing today?

Flying to Guatemala to abduct children and harvest their organs!

Going to a karaoke bar to meet 15 year olds



I can comment from my mobile device later.

Starting his Cabo resort Cinco De Mayo Fiesta a few days early on the WoW dime.

And that's all there is in the WoW bank account. A dime.

Hey have fun at Teacher Appreciation Night. Yep, mixing a bunch of teachers on 3 cocktails with Philly sports fans... Could be a new level of complaining...




-CTC #1 Hater

Perhaps if some of the Philadelphia readers had been notified, there could have been some sort of WoW, um, Pants Party arranged.

/realizes that is precisely what Rob was trying to avoid

Citizens of Philadelphia: this is an AMBER ALERT. Repeat, AMBER ALERT!

I saw the Baseball as America exhibit back when it was in Chicago. Right around then someone had to steal Sammy Sosa's bat away from the exhibit to see if it was corked just like his bat that exploded days earlier. Goddamn, that was awesome.


Philly fans are some of the most gracious hosts in the nation. If you wear a Mets Jersey to the stadium and root loudly for the other team they will have great respect and admiration for your passion for the game.

Rob, it would only be fitting if you wore a Bonds jersey and rooted heartily for Fred Lewis each time he stepped to the plate. Lewis hit a slam against us last year.

I'll be at tonight's Phillies game too, most likely being escorted off the field in handcuffs after trying to get a piece of Bacon Pants.

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