Ryan Braun to Sign 20-Year, 600 Million Dollar Contract

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel beat writer Tom Haudricourt is a gentleman and a scholar, and today he gives us the scoop of scoops in his blog: the Brewers are about to give young slugger Ryan Braun a payday, the good kind.

If you don't remember, Braun was the NL Rookie of the Year after slugging 34 tater tots in just 113 games last year. The team moved him from third base to left field because he played defense just like Brooks Robinson, except the polar opposite. Here's the deets from Mr. H:

The Milwaukee Brewers will announce this morning that leftfielder Ryan Braun has agreed to a seven-year contract extension that will be a record in terms of both length and money for the team and the industry. The Brewers have called a 10 a.m. press conference at Miller Park to make "a major baseball announcement." Braun's agent, Nez Balelo, was contacted en route to Milwaukee this morning but said he could reveal no details prior to the club's announcement.

Wait a minute...it's a record for the team AND the industry? You mean the industry of baseball? Braun is getting a bigger contract than A-Rod or Jeter or Johan? Okay maybe I'm just misreading that line. Still, it will be the biggest contract in Brewers history, the prior record holder being Jeff Suppan's measly $42 million deal.

So what do Tom's readers and commenters think about the deal? Here's commenter xc500mod's words of wisdom:

"thanks for getting that out to us Mr. Haudricourt. This is the first place i come for brewer info. I bet you hayseeds like this news."

Yep. Us hayseeds love it, man.

UPDATE: Anthony Witrado posts some figures for other recent signings as a comparison piece. Yay Milwaukee bloggers!

UPDATE 2: Mr. H sez it's 7 years, $45 million.

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Hayseeds? Is that guy a former writer for Hee Haw?

I wouldn't pay Ryan Braun to cut my lawn.

Because my landlord has some Spanish guys for that.

I get to see Ryan Braun play this weekend!

um that's not really interesting to anyone but me but I still think it's cool

This guy's all about, "record length", but what about girth? That's the real measure of any contract.

It's funny because it's like he's talking about a penis.


This in not college humor guys!!!

Not sure Prince Fielder is delighted by this news.

Prince is also P.O.'ed that Chicago lifted its foie gras ban. Damned carnivore murderers!

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