Saint Francis and the Sow: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 2:05, Mariners at Rangers: The Mariners are fast becoming the most depressing team baseball. The race is on to see which Mariners blogger will hang themselves first. Today they send out noted innings/tamale eater, Carlos Silva. The Rangers counter with Scott Feldman and look for the sweep. That would put the Rangers at .500 and the Mariners a full 6 games deep in the cellar. Damn.

  • 3:05, Red Sox at Orioles: The second place Red Sox will try and snap a 3 game skid by sending Jon Lester to the mound. They'll face Daniel Cabrera, who the Sox have pwned throughout his entire career. Cabrera appears to stepped up his game so far in '08 and this should be a pretty good test of that theory. The Sox have beaten him in his last 7 starts against them. I've also got a pretty good streak of my own going. I have yet to make a joke about "The Wire" during any Orioles posts this year, because that's really really hack. ROB BE GLOGGIN THIS.

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Feldman, the Jew, threw seven pitches, all strikes, in the first inning and retired the Mariners, all goyim, in order.

You best watch out for Jiegel with that crack, Iracane. I hear his javelin throwing is quite modest.

Don't worry freetzy, I heard that Rob converted to Judaism. Now he could say stuff like that. I wonder if that’s why Rod Carew did it?

Feldman threw a 1-2-3 inning? Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech ha'olam oseh ma'aseh vereshit!

You're all a bunch of anti-dentites.

It's Feldman.... From across the hall

RAGING anti-dentites.

"You'd think Feldman, of all people, would be sensitive to the plight of batters, given how his people have struggled."

-- Gregg

With a successful first inning, Scott Feldman achieves thrice the success that Corey Feldman could ever hope for.

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