Should I get married? Should I be good?: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:10, Dodgers at Marlins: According to this game preview Joe Torre has used 25 different lineups so far in 27 games as Dodger manager. That's kind of ludicrous, isn't it Skipper? Schizo Joe sends Hiroki Kuroda to the mound to take on Burke Badenhop. Badenhop has an 8.32 ERA but along with Gavin Floyd he's tied for the lead in SONL (Soap Opera Name Likelihood).

  • 12:35, Rays at Orioles: The Rays pounded out 8 runs last night thanks to another homerun by Eric Hinske. It's still early, but Hinske looks like he's angling to get Tampa back to back Comeback Player of the Year awards. There's a backhanded compliment for ya. The Rays send Matt Garza to the mound for his first start off the DL (nerve trouble ) and the O's counter with Brian Burres. Burres has looked great all season, with his only rocky outing coming against, you guessed it WoWies, the Rays.

  • 2:05, Royals at Rangers: Young Zack Greinke gets on the anthill today looking to continue his sparkling '08 start against the hapless Rangers. Standing in his way will be Universal RBI Leader and WoW AL Player of the Month for April, Josh Hamilton. It's "Turn Your Troubled Life Around" Day in Arlington!

  • 2:20, Brewers at Cubs: Damn, the Cubs scored 19 runs last night. Brewer relief pitching is turrabull. Yovani Gallardo has been good, however and he brings his microscopic numbers to the hill against the mashing Cubbies.

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I bought tickets for a Dodgers-Mets tilt this season just to torture my Yankee fan girlfriend by making her watch Torre manage in a Dodger uniform.

This just in: OE 40s will give you a sinus infection the following morning.

I bought tickets for a Dodgers-Mets tilt just to torture my Yankee loving girlfriend by watching Torre manage in a Dodger uniform.

When you have the luxury of Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones its hard to choose sometimes.

Doh! I'm about as good with this internets deal as my man Buzz Bissinger apparently.

Wasn't Burke Badenhop part of a German anarcho-terrorist syndicate in the late '60s and early '70s? Nice of Fredi "Che" Gonzalez to give him a start this May Day.

Aaaaand Freetzy gets comment of the day.

It's "Turn Your Troubled Life Around" Day in Arlington!

Clemens is on his way to the ballpark. With a truck full of preteens, natch.

Matt Garza started last Friday against the Red Sox.



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