SI Has Comic Book Cover; Ads For Wild X-Ray Specs in Back

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Looks like Sports Illustrated is taking a break from regular old photographs and using inspiration from some of those newfangled comic books the kids are all agog about nowadays. Hey, what's that naughty man doing to Derek Jeter?


Okay, that's an awesome rendering of an obvious fantasy world by DC Comics guy Mark Bagley. Remember folks, it might only be May 21st but that SI cover jinx works in mysterious ways.

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Well done, Mr. Bagley.

This is a rejected cover by another artist featuring Chien Ming Wang

Jesus, that guy on the Rays must have used a gallon of Crisco to get that far in there.

So are, like, Spider Man logos on all the bases or what?

That cover will go a long way towards silencing all of the PED talk, too.

So the Rays ARE going to sign Barry Bonds

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