Sir Sidney Of The Renaissance

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sidney-ponson.jpgDon't look now but Rangers fans are getting a little excited. They're optimistic. And why not? They just snapped a 3 game skid. They're only two games below .500 and in the uncertain AL West that's good enough to put you just 5 back. Last night featured both Frightening Milton Bradley and official WoW manager Ron Washington getting tossed. And to top it all off, a complete game victory by Sidney Ponson. Read that last one again. Got it?

Ponson spun a dominant one, recording 23 of 27 outs on groundballs or strikeouts. He only walked one. The Twins lineup isn't great, they had 4 guys in the lineup hitting .223 or below, but with the Texas bullpen situation tumultuous at best, pitching 9 against any team is huge. Ponson is now 3-0. If he stays consistent, added to a resurgent Vicente Padeeeeya (/Jon Miller'd) and an off the DL Millwood, the Rangers could have one of the better humorous veteran rotations in the AL.

So here's to you Sidney! Celebrate your great start with a 14 egg omelet and a suckling pig.

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"they had 4 guys in the lineup hitting .223 or below"

That's funny because Ponson's BAC was .223 or below when he was pitching last night.

Is that Sidney Ponson, or just some guy from

one of the better humorous veteran rotations in the AL

David Wells needs work!

Sir Sidney looks like he eats a lot of mutton.

Let he who hasn't punched a judge on a beach in Aruba on Christmas Day cast the first Caribbean-Christmas-judge-punchin' stone.

I went to that stupid game last night and it's Rob's fault. Rob mentioned that he was going to the Yankee's game so I thought to myself that maybe I should go the Twins game. Bad decision by me. Now I am hung over and much poorer then I was yesterday. Thanks Rob.

What are you going to do when Rob announces his sex change this afternoon?

He's becoming a man?

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