Sizzling Blind Item

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mystery_man.jpgWhat's the deal with a certain fat Big Apple pitcher's throwing routine? Our fly on the wall says the much fussed over round mound of the mound threw 28 pitches last night in a game situation then threw 27 in the bullpen after being removed for the team's more heralded latino closer. What gives? Why not let Tons O' Fun just finish his work out on the hill? He had been throwing well and El Closero had worked the night before. Methinks the team's spaghetti twisting skipper is putting a little too much emphasis on getting his guy the save.

Anyway, with another injury befalling one of the club's waspy porcelain starters, look for Fudgy The Whale to be making his first career start any day now.

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I thought Sidney Ponson pitched for the Rangers?

David Wells?


I thought Peter Abraham was a writer, not a pitcher.

Hmmmmmm. Fudgie. Ms. Wahoo's Grandparents live close to a Carvel. She thinks it's great that I always want to visit them, she doesn't know it's all about Fudgie and CookiePuss.

This is clearly Sid Fernandez.

Dom Deluise?

Mario Batali?

@Phony Gwynn

No actually Joba is the Nebraskan farmboy pigface version of Sidney Ponson.

I have no idea where Chief Wahoo is going.... But here is a pic of him warming up.....

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