Spring And All: Today's Early Games

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sweep040905.jpgThe broom closet door may come off the hinges today. All three early games could finish off sweeps.

  • 12:35, Giants at Pirates: Matt Cain takes the mound for the Giants and the Pirates trot out Pat Maholm. The Pirates have won 12 of their last 14 against the Giants, which may be the single largest indictment I've seen of this Giants team. If they win today they'll pick up their second sweep of the year. Cain is coming off his best start of the season against Philadelphia.

  • 1:00, Padres at Braves: Unlike the seats down in SD, I'm almost certain you could get a great one in Hotlanta for about $10 for this game. I've seen sparse weekend crowds at the Ted and can't imagine a weekday would be very crowded. Matt T, I urge you to play hookie and go. The Braves send the excellently named Jo-Jo Reyes to the mound to try and pick up the team's 6th straight W. The Padres counter with Wilfredo Ledezma.

  • 1:05, Indians at Yankees: The Tribe look for their first Bronx sweep in 19 years today. The winner of this game gets to be .500! Luckily for the Bombers Cliff Lee can't pitch on 0 days rest and they'll get old timey windup Christian anti-masturbator Paul "HGH for the Lord" Byrd. Mike Mussina goes for New York, and Hideki Matsui will try and extend his hit streak to 17.

I'll be back after lunch with the rest of the afternoon games. I'm going to go back into this after riding my bike through the thick of it this morning. Eek.

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One man's "Olde Tymey" windup is another man's "balky" windup....

I got to work an hour and a half late because of that fucking crash. I guess there's still no word on what was going on with the truck... shit's nuts.

Yeah I was late for final exams because of it. I'm also pissed I was too late to see the fire, I heard it was pretty badass.

Today is black and white photo day at WoW!

I'm listening to the Giants and Pirates until the Yankees game starts. Not much interesting is happening in the game so the Pirates broadcasters are talking abo....zzzzzzzzzzzzz

With Aaron Rowand at bat, the one Pirates radio guy says "You know the Giants have to sign a guy named Martin now. Like when they had Bud Black and Steve Decker".


Freddy Sanchez had a double off Matt FACE OF THE FRANCHISE Cain.

Unfortunately, I am stuck at work. But, you are 100% right. I walked up 10 minutes before the game last night, paid $10 and sat 20 rows up in left.

Also, Atlanta hasn't had a 6 game winning streak in at least 2 years.

Correction: Sanchez' double did not go directly off Matt Cain's face.


We used to drive up for a lot of weekend series when I was at FSU and we'd have the $10 seats then move to the front row of the outfield to heckle people. At least it sounds like attendance has gotten 20 rows better. It should, I love that stadium.

The Braves' battery today consists of a Corky and a Jo-Jo.

In other news, the entire Braves roster has been replaced with a teeny-tiny car full of circus clowns.

Fuck the Pirates. The Yankees are on. I hope a huge piece of the Stadium falls on Chief Wahoo. I say that out of love.

The 14 year old pop 'star' throwing to a retard. This will not end well.

I never thought I'd be so happy to hear John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.

John Sterling just called Paul Byrd the Kelsey Grammer lookalike.


Kelsey Grammer? Proving once again, John Sterling is a fucking moron.

The only drawback to listening to the Yankees game: too many Gloria Estefan commercials.

Gloria Estefan is alive? Who knew

Doesn't Paul Byrd have a comic book about God, masturbating and HGH? Wouldn't that have made for a better country song?

Gloria Estefan is alive? Who knew

Not sure if she's actually alive, but she's booked at Foxwoods.

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