The Saturday Morning Post

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SatMornPost.jpg Here's some of what happened last night while you were kicking your feet up and having your boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate/mom bring you goddamn beer.

  • Cubs 3, Snakes 1: Ted Lilly was TGIFucking awesome, striking out 10 and only allowing 2 BB and 3 hits. The southpaw also drove in a run, which he decribed thusly: "I think he threw it right into my swing." Indeed. Derrek Lee had a ding dong.

  • Indians 6, Blue Jays 1: C.C. Sabathia and Roy Halladay were dueling until Cleveland hung all 6 of their runs in the seventh. Vernon Wells somehow hurt his wrist and his hamstring.

  • Brewers 4, Cardinals 3: Despite just having been violently raped by a wallaby, Rickie Weeks knocked in a 2 run walkoff single to beat Jason Isringhausen and the Cardinals. Good, I hate the Cardinals.

  • Yanks and Sawx both lawst. I don't wanna hear it, BC Twins Fan.

TODAY: The Tigers and Yankees are on Fox, which means Buck and McCarver will be extra insufferable. Now with 30% more "intangibles"... Maddux goes for 350 again, against Colorado... The Phils have to hit off Timmy Lincecum... Scott Kazmir tries to get back on track against the Angels... HOPEFULLY IT STOPS RAINING IN THE NORTHEAST.

What'd I miss? What are you doing? Let your fellow WoWies know in the cmntz. Have a good Saturday.

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I'm gonna play golf at a course that is too nice for me, then get drunk and go bowling.

I replaced my girlfriend's windshield washer blades in 2 minutes flat. And I didn't even strain my hamstring.

Also, WoW favorite Greg Smith lost last night AND the Rangers shut out his A's. WTF

No mention of the Red Sox game from last night? I thought they were your team CTC

Going to the PacBell/SBC/AT&T/whateverthefuck watch the stupid Giants blow YET ANOTHER lead.

Jeter tater tot and no Tim McCarver. Life is good.

I hear you on that, Rob. Sound off, radio on for the Cubs game in this house...

Kind of hard for Greg Smith to win when his offense gives him 4 singles.

Phase one of my day is complete. Now it's time to drink hecka beers; possibly a 40 of King Cobra.

When the Cubs take 2 of 3 from a good team it makes me choose life!

I would be mad at the A's for losing 2 in a row to the Rangers, but I am way toooo drunk and am about to eat a bagel sammich.

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