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American League teams win 7 of first 13 interleague games... Jayson Werth hit 3 dingos and had a Phillies record 8 RBI in their/his 10-3 rout over the Blue Jays... Andy Sonnanstine went 7 scoreless before giving up a lone run in the 8th. He also had two hits, as the Rays beat the Cards 3-1 to go 8 games over .500... I had a hunch the Rangers might score a lot of runs this weekend in Houseon, and they made my inner monologue look like a genius. To me. Josh Hamilton hit 2 of the team's 6 t-tots, Rangers roll 16-8... Mark Kotsay's 2 out RBI double in the 8th gave the Braves a 3-2 win over their bitter rivals, the hated Athletics of Oakland... Joe Saunders went 7.1 strong innings to lead the Angels over the Dodgers, 4-2. Halos have won 6 out of las 7 in Freeway Series... Somebody had to win when the Padres played the Mariners. It was San Diego, beating Seattle 6-4... Adam Dunn drew a go-ahead bases loaded walk in the 8th to give the Reds a 4-3 win over the Indians. That's so close to a WoW, I should just post a video of a prawn on a treadmill or something...


  • The Subway Series kicks off today after last night's rainout. Fanfare and bombast await the 3rd place Mets and 5th place Yankees and their combined 40-41 record.

  • In a refreshing change of pace, Fox will televise neither the Red Sox nor the Yankees on its Saturday broadcast for the first time in recorded history. Buck and McCarver will warble over the Dodgers/Angels game at 3:55.

  • Speaking of the Sox, they're playing two with the Brewers to make up for last night's rainout. First game starts at 3:55.

  • Rich Harden is pitching today! Let's hope he doesn't suffer a "setback" between now and 7:10. He'll take on Tim Hudson.

It's kind of grey and shitty out. Seems like a good day to watch a lot of baseball. I'll be poking around the comments section later this afternoon.

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"Somebody get me a smoothie."
Me, right now

"All I can eat are smoothies."
Tim McCarver

McCarver's favorite smoothie is the "Raspberry Intangible"

Good news, Phil "Kangaroo Balls" Stockman was called up yesterday.

I lied. It's really nice out. I think I'll have a cigar on the stoop with my brazillian neighbors. Then come back in and watch baseball for the rest of the day.

Derek Jeter is fucking awesome but his sunglasses choice today is not.

@ Matt:

In even better news, that means Chuck James (bitch) gets sent down.

I forgot how big Stockman is. 6'8/250.

FUCK why is this Sox game on Fox?

Put on your radio and listen to Uecker.

Hey MaCarver, Hart bunted Prince over because he is slow and usually can't score on a single. Ever watch National league ball fuckhead. Now that the Brewers didn't score you probably feel justified in your inane analysis. Die.


Suppan wishes he had stayed at the Squire instead of lacing em up today.

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