The Shield Of Achilles: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 3:05 Giants at Rockies: It's Sanchez vs. Jimenez and no, PaleHose, I don't know how many rounds this one is. The Giants have been hitting a little better lately, led by Randy Winn, of all people (hitting .367 with two tots during his current 15 game hitting streak), but the pitching has been lacking. They've allowed 22 runs in their last 3. Clint Barmes also has a 13 game hitting streak. Rob will not be glogging this.

  • 3:35 Rays at A's: The A's are slipping! A loss today will give the Rays their first ever sweep in Oakland and put the A's back at .500. Andy Sonnanstine has been great in his last 6 starts with a 2.98 ERA and notching 5 wins. Dana Eveland has been consistent for the A's and stellar at home posting 0.92 ERA in 3 starts, but you have to wonder if the divergent momentum here will be too much to overco.... /shot dead by a sabermetrician

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More like a sabermagician!

/shoots self

Just get out of this series and start the weekend fresh. I can't imagine we could face a team better than the Rays...

There once was a team named the A's
Who battled the Tampa Bay Rays;
Though flukishly good,
It's still understood
This "winning"? It's all just a phase.


I tried a rhyming thing too but tried to hard to include mayonnaise in it. Good show.

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