The Sunday Morning Post

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televangelist2.jpg SOME OF LAST NIGHT:

AL Wins 9 out of 15 Saturday games... Red Sox sweep Brewers in day/night twin bill. Youkilis plays record 222nd game without an error at first... Who's have thought that the day's best pitching matchup would be Zito v. Buehrle? Well your cousin, but he's a fucking a meth addict. White Sox top Giants, 3-1... The Braves came this close with a 3 run rally in the ninth, but they needed four. Harden throws 7 innings of 1 run ball. Oakland beats Atlanta 5-4... Markakis ding-donged and drove in 3. Nats make it close with 3 run 8th but come up short against George "Leagues Best Closer?" Sherrill. Every team should be so lucky to have a "natural rivalry" with the Nationals. O's win 6-5... Vincente Padilla is a late bloomer. He pitched another gem to improve to 6-2, and he just got his period. Berkman goes yard again, but Rangers roll 6-2... Santana gives up 2 in the first then settles down. Wright and Reyes both dial long distance and Mets beat Yanks, 7-4... FINALLY. The Rays lose in a 10 inning slugfest against the Cards. Ryan Ludwick belts a walkoff tot.


  • Pirates and Cubs face off on the rubber match of their intraleague squabble. How quaint.

  • Shawn T. Estes looks to improve on the comeback story that has America captivated, against Felix Hernandez.

  • Josh Beckett tries to lead Boston to a sweep. Sorry, Uecker.

  • Jon Miller and Joe Morgan hold our hands in the big scary, Bronx. Mets/Yanks are your Sunday Night game.

  • The Celtics better beat the goddamned Cavs. I'm having flashbacks to Larry Nance.

I'm sure I missed something your favorite team did this weekend. I'm sorry. Lemme have it in the comments, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

UPDATE: I forgot Cliff Lee vs. Endinson Volquez. Word.

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i burned a paul pierce jersey in the street a couple nights ago. go cavs.

If the jersey was in Cleveland I assume you heaved the matches at it from 24 feet even though no one was guarding you and you could have run right up to the jersey and laid the matches on it, possibly even drawing a foul.

/the Celtics are driving me cuckoo

Rod Barajas and his two tater tots have sinned against Phillies fans, my Lord.

its bark at the park day at Turner today and I saw a dog that had on a 'shirt' that said I heart bitches

Wasn't the designated hitter concept created for people like Prince Fielder?


Jacoby Ellsbury caught stealing for first time in career.

An excellent montage of all the home runs that Beckett and Villanueva gave up in the Brewers-Sox game today:


I would like the Cavaliers to all be suddenly and immediately stricken with some combination of polio, syphilis, and mad cow disease.

Naw, the baseball game today was awesome, though.

The Braves improve to 5-2 with my attendence. Sry farthammer

More like George "Stupidest Hat-Wearer" Sherrill

/hangs head

Ol' Pancake Hat will get his comeuppance, I assure you.

Chad Cordero wears his hat like an idiot too. I think it's a DC/Baltimore thing.

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