The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch, Tuesday, May 6th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • FoWoW Jonah Keri examines the failure dynasties, aka the teams that have excelled at shitting the bed for an extended period of time. If he re-writes this in 3 years, expect the Mariners to be on the list. ESPN Page 2.

  • Derrick Goold notes that Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright hit a career-high pitch count last week and researches what happens to other hurlers after throwing 126 pitches. I call this "Dustyizing" pitchers. Bird Land.

  • It's your last goddamned chance to vote for the Worst GM poll! Brian Sabean! Ed Wade! Which one stinks more? Bucs Dugout.

  • Our own Camp Tiger Claw has climbed up to second place in the Player Pick Pool, riding Curtis Granderson to 20 points last week. Hack comic Mike Schmidt has tumbled to fourth place but it's still not the biggest shame of his career. Touching Base.

  • Los Angeles Daily News beat writer Tony Jackson loses his shit about Juan Pierre being actually good. I don't blame him one bit. Inside the Dodgers.

  • 'Duk assembled some of the best talent in the baseballblogosphere to remark on Roger Clemens' hall of fame chances. That guy who talks about brussels sprouts is the best. Big League Stew.

  • The best Photoshop I've seen in the past 33 days. Goat Riders of the Apocalypse.

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I call this "Dustyizing" pitchers.

Joe Girardi resents this.

I think the commenters on Mark DeRosa's yet to be named blog have migrated over to Big League Stew.

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