The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch, Thursday, May 29th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • Jay Jaffe pens an excellent column about Marvin Miller's nose-thumbing of the hall of fame. I support Miller 100% and am glad that someone is speaking out against that awful place and the horrid people who run it. Baseball Prospectus.

  • Simon blames the Mets collapse on the curse of Julio Franco. Since Franco left, Jose Reyes' OPS has dropped 66 points and the average age of Mets position players went down 5 months. Simon on Sports.

  • Darren Rovell examines the 1989 Ken Griffey rookie card from Upper Deck. It's like the Honus Wagner baseball card of baseball cards.. Slate.

  • Enrico lets us know that New York City is good at re-writing history. Ladies and gentlefolk, your 2007 NL East Champion New York Mets! The 700 Level.

  • Beat writer Shannon Drayer gets lost in Harlem on her way to Yankee Stadium but that's not even the saddest part of the story. She covers the Mariners. KOMO News.

  • Jesse Spector does a good job assembling some raw numbers into a telling Relief Report. Shocker: Hideki Okajima has allowed 11 of 14 inherited runners to score. Touching Base.

  • Following up on Mark Cuban's piece on salary caps, Shawn thinks that salary floors would be even worse in baseball. I've always thought that shitty teams like the Royals need to spend more money to be competitive but this piece makes me rethink my original position. Squawking Baseball.

  • Forty-two different versions of "Harlem Nocturne". WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

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That SB piece sure as shit doesn't make me rethink my position. The owners should get a salary floor and deal with it. Owners make way too much by simply not paying players, then reaping the benefit of revenue sharing. Oh, I am supposed to feel bad for a team that is forced to spend more and then still loses 100 games? Eat me. Spend it on smarter players. As much as I hate Boston and NY, at least they re-invest their revenue on the team and try to win.

Of course you are referring to the NY Yankees and not the NY Mets, who re-invest their revenue on the team and seemingly try to lose.

I support Marvin Miller and that piece is a good reminder of a time when the baseball player's union was purposeful as opposed to just being a fucking crime syndicate.

It'll be a cold day and hell before I recognize an MLB team called the Metropolitans.

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