There's a Worse Leadoff Hitter Than Corey Patterson

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Not only is Corey Patterson not the worst leadoff hitter in the majors, he's not even the worst leadoff hitter in the NL Central. That honor belongs to the Houston Astros' own Michael Bourn. Bourn leads off and plays center field for manager Cecil Cooper's Astros; he's batting .187 and, with 14 whole walks on the season, is reaching base at just a .260 pace.

Our hero Patterson has raised his OBP by 30 points in the past week and is now getting on base at a still-pretty-bad .286 clip. He's not listed in the chart so ably-prepared by the folks at Crawfish Boxes because he hasn't reached enough plate appearances to be qualified. He's not leading off every game; Dusty Baker has been sittting him against left-handed pitching. Still, if he was on that chart, he'd be second to last! Hooray for Corey!

Glancing over the chart again, I notice Nate McLouth close to the top. While he is indeed having a very good year, he's no longer leading off for the Pirates. He's been moved down to second or third, and Freddy Sanchez has been moved up to the 1 spot. As of today, Sanchez' OBP is .282 which means that WoW favorite Corey Patterson is really just the third worst leadoff hitter in baseball! Everything's coming up Corey!

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Bourn just needs to find his Identity.


I lamented the loss of Bourne when the Phillies traded him away. I also used to sniff glue.

Corey might not be the worse, but this post is the mose.

Also, what does it say about the M's that any of these three guys would be an upgrade to Seattle's lineup?

Thanks Gorge.

Mike Bourn still has way more friends than Corey, who I heard was a big tattle tale.

Sorry, that was unnecessary of me. All this OBP talk makes me emotional.

Some people at the Phils game last night were lamenting the loss of Bourn's speed on the bases. I wanted to slap them into to the 100 level.

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