Thursday Night Treat: Naked Swedish Home Run

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I wish I could explain why a naked Swedish man is running around the bases in this video, or why I decided to post it on Walkoff Walk, or why I just switched to full screen high quality mode so I could get a better look at his ding-dong, but hurry up and watch this crazy video before YouTube wakes up and decides it violates their terms of use:

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or how you found this.
or why I watched it.

I am drunk but I think that's Mitch Hedberg.

There s no fucking home run here or bases here. I saw this at 8 o clock and wouldnt watch it. Now I just did. This isn't even a home run. It's just a naked guy. Who runs trhis website anyway?

@CTC - there was some bat swinging, though. That I am positive of.

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