Tom Gordon Has Sat In Forty-Five Different Cubicles

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I just tried to figure out how many different offices I've sat in over the course of my life, including relocations within one job. Turns out I've sat in at least ten different offices! That's a bunch of different beige colored walls to stare at and a bunch of different swivel chairs I warmed up with my tush.

Still, my number pales in comparison to Tom Gordon's. With his appearance last night at Nationals Park, Gordon has now appeared in games at 45 different ballparks in his twenty-one year career.

    With a list that includes two parks each in Arlington (Texas), Baltimore, Chicago (White Sox), Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle and Toronto -- and the Tokyo Dome in Japan -- Gordon hasn't missed many.

Gordon pitched the eighth inning against the last-place Nationals and despite allowing a hit and a walk, allowed no runs and actually earned the win, thanks to Greg Dobbs' eighth inning RBI single. He's 40 years old and doesn't have many more pitches left in his arm. C'mon, stay one more year, Tom. You'll have the brand new CitiField to blow a game at!

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How gauche. A gentleman never reveals how many "parks" he's "pitched" in.

Gordon has a magnet on his fridge for each park he's visited. His kids keep rearranging them, which, as you can imagine, annoys the hell out of him.

For a minute I thought you were counting the number of orifices you've sat in. Although I had you down for 10 either way.

Tom Gordon's son is bad at baseball, got fat, and was adopted by Dale Murphy.

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