Tonight's Questions

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baby-lobster.jpgHey kids, kick back with a mason jar full of either ether or Andre Ethier and tune in to find out:

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers AND Liveglog Wednesday. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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-Mariners fans (Tiger fans can fall back on the Pistons)
-Nothing is as delicious as your first baby
-As much as I hate on the Giants, Lincecum is a certified badass and is a joy to watch

a mason jar full of either

A mason jar full of Andre Ethier's WHAT?!

Does Gerber make a clarified butter? Sure hope so!

-Mariners fans (Tiger fans can fall back on the Pistons)

And the Redwings

Lobster Baby... The other, other white meat.

I want to see Lincecum, Hamels, and Kazmir pitch.

Still waiting on that free sub to Extra Innings, Herr Selig!

Jon Lester is being interviewed on SportsCenter and Lance Armstrong phoned it (read: interrupted) to congratulate him.

Is Lance Armstrong the spokesperson for cancer survival among pro athletes, or for all human beings?

I can't believe he's still flaunting his win over cancer. He's like the Mike Eruzione of cancer.

I don't know about cancer, but Lance Armstrong is definitely the spokesperson for Guys Who Have Nailed Sheryl Crow.

That is a seriously cute baby.

I'm only a quasi-fan of the M's but, unless Felix is pitching, there is little about that team that is not painfully boring. I'd rather be miserable than bored.

Farthammer's right... for now. M's fans no longer even have a basketball team, so they definitely don't have a Plan B. However, the Pistons will eventually lose, and the Detroit fans will be forced to watch their underperforming baseball team.

Just like me, the Cavs, and the Tribe.

"Hey! Someone made an awful mess in my pasta pot!"

Yes, boil it, but please finish my baby hibachi-style with the garlic butter. And I'll have the egg-drop soup to start, thanks.

And don't remind the Mariners fans about the way their team has been playing. They already live in the most depressing city in the world.

They already live in the most depressing city in the world.

Wait, when did the M's move to Columbus? SPOILER ALERT man, come on!

I want my baby back, baby back ribs....

Talk shit about Mike Eruzione again. I fucking dare you.

Mike Eruzione looks like Carmine Raguso from Laverne & Shirley

Also, he's spent his entire life living off of 1980.

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