Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, that looks infected. Get that looked at then tune in to find out:

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Happy now?

I don't think even the A's can blow this lead.

I have a question about tonight. Why the hell do I have to wait an extra hour for the game to start just because it's in Chicago? Can't those hicks get with the program and base their lives around what's good for Eastern Standard Time, aka civilization? Get with it, ya midwest rubes.

...isn't Ohio the Midwest?

I mean, it's not the South
it's not the Northeast
it's not the West Coast
it's not Texas...

perhaps, good sir, YOU are the rube.

Eastern Time is just plain silly. Look at us America, we're starting a game at 10pm!

And my company's HQ is in Ohio. DEFINITELY rubeville.

FMRA, I'm a Tribe fan in exile in NYC, anyway The Cleve is still in the EST. And it's not in the midwest that starts one state west, Indiana calling itself the gateway to the midwest. Clevo is "the north coast".

So is it The Cleve or Clevo? Either way, the A's are whooping some ass.

Chone Figgins wished his name was spelled like Shawn Chacon and Shawn Marcum

Choose your poison, hammerer of flatulence. Either way you'd be a fashion model there.

@Chief Wahoo

Yikes. On a good day I am a 6.5, maybe a 7. And most of that is personality.

hey, Giants come from behind to win!
yeah, yeah. snicker and gaffaw all ya want.

I made it to the game alive and drank enough in the parking lot to endure the pain of losing. Also i got a spicy tuna roll.

There needs to be instant replay in baseball immediately. My friend A-Rod was robbed.

Hey its Bobby Cox's birthday! whooo

Happy Birthday Bobby! My dad likes you too. I think my dad is just a straight up secret Braves fan.

Can we have a David DeJesus watch instead of a Corey Patterson watch?

Shaun Marcum is glad his name isn't spelled Shawn Markham

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