Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpg Tune in tonight to find out:

  • WHICH one of you muddy bastards stole my bank card?

  • WHY did TBS stop showing the Braves? I'd really like to watch Santana vs. Hudson.

  • IF the Marlins win tonight but no one is there to see it, is it still a sweep?

  • CAN Mark Buehrle lead the Pale Hose to a sweep over the Injuns?

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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You could just go to Turner to watch. That's what I'm doing

Don't slide down any rails


I could fly there! But boy would my cock be tired!


You know who else wonders how he could watch Santana-Hudson? Mike Hampton. He doesn't understand this "on the team" thing that Mr. Cox tried to explain.

Hot DAMN, Mark Buehrle! Looking good tonight.

No one cares...but...

Mark Kotsay is my new fave Brave. We snuck down to the 2nd row in center, Mark waved to the family with 2 young kids in front of us, threw balls into the stands for all the kids and waved at us drunk idiots that were yelling at him.

On the flip side, Beltran is going to need therapy after tonight, right after we snuck down and started yelling at him he booted a ball and it was the start of the 3 run Brave 8th.

What'd you say to Delgado?

Are you planning on taking the bat off your shoulder tonight.
'tu madre es un puta'
How do you feel about getting your manager fired.

stuff like that. No profanity though, there were kids around.

We kept it up for 3 innings. I lost my voice

Way to go. I've done some of my all time best heckling at the Ted.

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